Web Wizards:

1. Free A.I.tool for coders

Artificial intelligence assistant powered by ChatGPT.
Support for any branch of the tech realm for free.
Assists with code generation, suggesting code snippets, providing explanations, and debugging assistance.
All ChatGPT 3.5 features are included for free, no sign-up is needed.
Free A.I.tool for coders

2. Free IP geolocation

Unlimited IP address data for Internet users and web developers. Retrieve IP info manually for your personal use.
Free IP geolocation

3. Countries Information

Explore information about countries, including dialling codes, ISO codes, and flags.
Countries Information

4. World time by region

What is the time? The earth clock by each timezone. Find what is the time anywhere in the world.
World time by region

5. QR code Generator

Generate QR codes effortlessly on demand with QR code Generator.
Instantly create custom QR codes for websites, contact details, text-based information and more.
Easy-to-use, customizable and user-friendly tool.
QR code Generator

6. Barcode Generator

Generate barcodes effortlessly with Barcode Generator.
Instantly create custom barcodes for products, inventory, and more. Easy-to-use, customizable, and compatible with CODE128 format.
Barcode Generator

7. Domain age Check

Information about how long a particular domain name has been registered or existed on the internet.
This process involves accessing details regarding the registration duration or tenure of the domain.
Domain age Check

8. Numerology Oracle

Translate words into Destiny numbers and birth dates into Life numbers.
The Oracle reduces a text or date to a digit number using numerology process.
Numerology Oracle

9. Daily Horoscope

Unlock daily destiny insights with our free zodiac readings – your personalized fortune teller.
Embrace the mystique of the stars for confident life navigation.
Daily Horoscope

10. Additional aid

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