Scratch from scratch

Scratch resources and tutorials


What is Scratch?

Scratch is an interactive visual programming language designed for beginners. Key Feature: blocks-based programming with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for coding. Scratch stimulates creativity and critical thinking, introducing coding concepts in an accessible way.

Getting started:

Access Scratch Platform:

Visit the Scratch website ( or use the Scratch downloadable software (Scratch Desktop) if preferred. Create a Scratch account to save and share your projects.

Explore the Scratch Interface:

Familiarize yourself with the user interface comprising the Stage, Blocks Palette, and Sprite List. The Stage is where the action happens, while the Blocks Palette contains various coding blocks, and the Sprite List displays characters or objects (sprites) you can use.

Create a Simple Project:

Start by creating a basic project to understand how Scratch works. Use the "Create" button to open the Scratch editor.

Learn the Basics of Coding in Scratch:

Understand the concept of coding blocks, which are categorized by functions like Motion, Looks, Events, etc. Drag and stack blocks to create scripts that control the behaviour of sprites. Play around with different blocks and their combinations to see how they affect sprite movement, appearance, and interactions.