Rodney Brooks predicts the A.I. winter

Rodney Brooks, a renowned expert in robotics, has sounded a cautionary note about the potential for stagnation within the AI industry.
"Get your thick coats now. There may be yet another AI winter, and perhaps even a full-scale tech winter, just around the corner. And it is going to be cold," Brooks stated.
Since 2018, Rodney Brooks has annually shared predictions about self-driving cars, human space travel, robotics, AI, and machine learning.
He's vowed to continue this tradition until he reaches 95 in 2050, offering ongoing insights into the future of these technological fields.
This commitment showcases his enduring belief in their evolution and transformative potential.
The year 2023 witnessed an unprecedented surge in the fervor surrounding artificial intelligence (AI), propelled into hyperdrive largely due to the momentous release of ChatGPT-3 towards the end of 2022.
This groundbreaking development revolutionized the accessibility and practical utility of AI technology for the general populace. ChatGPT-3's capabilities not only captivated but also inspired the industry, triggering a domino effect that prompted several of Silicon Valley's most influential tech titans to embark on their own ambitious endeavors.
Responding to the profound impact and potential showcased by ChatGPT-3, these industry giants raced to develop their own iterations of Large Language Models (LLMs), each striving to push the boundaries further and unlock new horizons in AI-driven innovation.
The proliferation of these sophisticated language models signified a pivotal moment, marking a shift towards democratizing AI and its multifaceted applications, heralding an era of immense possibilities and widespread integration of AI technologies into various facets of everyday life.