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Retrieve the age of a specific domain name

Information about how long a particular domain name has been registered or existed on the internet.
This process involves accessing details regarding the registration duration or tenure of the domain.
Available TLDs: com, net, org, info, biz, us, uk, ca, tel, ie, it, cc, ws, sc, mobi, pro, edu, tv, travel, in, me, cn, asia, ro, aero, nu

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A domain name is a human-readable address used to identify resources on the Internet, like websites.
It consists of a chosen name (second-level domain) followed by a type or purpose indicator (top-level domain), such as ".com."
Domain names make accessing online resources more user-friendly than using numerical IP addresses.
A standard domain name typically consists of two main parts:
SLD (Second-level domain): Chosen by the owner, like "example" in ""
TLD (Top-level domain): Indicates the website or organization type, such as ".com" in ""

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